Claude Monet, *Red Boats, Argenteuil **, 1875, Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University Art Museums, Bequest from the Collection of Maurice Wertheim

3rd Grade Program

Step Into Art 3rd-grade programs capture the imaginations of young students with learning focused on great works of art from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum or highlights of French and American painting from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Each five-part program begins at school with an introductory workshop inviting students to “step into art” in many different ways: through an interactive slide, drama activities, music, and self-portrait-making. Emphasizing diverse entry points for learning, our creative, multimodal approach enables all students to participate and thrive. A special visit to the museum – with sketching in the courtyard or galleries – figures at the heart of each program. Students go on to write poetry inspired by art from the Gardner and the MFA. Learning to craft similes in response to favorite paintings, they build powerful new skills of descriptive writing. Their poems bring art to life! A celebration at school concludes each program: students proudly share their poetry and self-portraits with their families and the school community.

“Teaching Step Into Art programs is so rewarding! I have the joy of watching students gain confidence in discussing works of art as they make thoughtful observations and amazing connections. I see a sense of ownership and connection grow between the children and the art they learn about as it inspires their writing and their art creation in a very personal way. The students never fail to impress and amaze me, and every time I teach a program it’s an entirely new and wonderful experience.”